Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Wow......a meal worth remembering!

So I just came back from dinner Jon Chan's. And boy what a meal it was indeed. What a guy. Jon had invited the cell group leaders and bible study leaders over for a dinner and he went above and beyond anyone's expectations.

Appetizer: French bread with homemade butter infused with parsley
Main Course: Summer style tomato pasta AND a 9.1 kg turkey.
Dessert: Summer berry pie with maple walnut ice cream

In addition, dim lighting with candlelight and nice linen table cloth for the atmosphere.
Haha we spent half the night just in awe of what he did for us. Not to mention the many jokes about Jon being the most outstanding bachelor now.

I must say cooking does have it's effects. It's something to do that can really show your appreciation for another person. Coz you know everyone needs to eat.

Ever need to be impressed? Jon Chan's your man. I had to throw in this blog coz that was just plain sweetness I just experienced.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Back to Elementary

So in response to the visit to the elementary school and teaching a bunch of grade 3's about antibiotics, I must say I'm quite impressed. Kids these days are SOOOO smart. Sure you have some wacky responses but that's what makes kids so cute. After teaching them the importance of washing their hands to avoid all those lovely pathogens which try and do harm to our bodies, I couldn't help but notice just how far schools have come since I was in school. I mean the use of technology now is crazy. There's permanent TVs in rooms with DVD players now. A teacher has her own computer. And in a a few weeks the school I was at was going to start using phones so that parents could call in to ask about kids and stuff. THat sounds like it could get pretty chaotic. Talk about being spoiled. But I guess that's all relative. The older generation (sadly enough, that's us) is always going to feel shafted but I guess that's jsut reality. I think the complaining and whining is finally coming out. Haha.

Anyways yeah these presentations and active involvement is definitely building up the public speaking skills I need to maintain in my profession.

In addition, I had my first interview with a pharmacy company, Walmart, just yesterday. It went alright, but I don't think I really want to be employed by them anyways. I'd really like Safeway but I guess the crappy part is that I'd have to reject walmart and hope that Safeway will hire still in January when they conduct their interviews. Sigh, I wish it could have been as easy as getting my previous Medicine Shoppe job where I was pretty much handed the job. I guess I have to earn some positions in life. Haha too bad. Shortcuts are always nice.

Back to Elementary

Monday, November 14, 2005

A Long Awaited Response.......

Well it's been awhile to say the least. I forgot all about my blog to be honest, until a wake up call from the blog queens back in Calgary (aka Clarissa and Em) to prove that I'm still alive and should share my thoughts. So this one goes out to you guys.

Now let's see. What should I rant on about?

So I'm gonna go make a presentation to a Grade 3 class tmw about Antibiotics and resistance. I hope that goes well. It'll be kinda neat to make sure the kids learn the basics and importance of cleanliness after all those play time activities gets their hands all dirty. From what I heard, the kids nowadays are so smart compared to what we were like at that age. I've heard of a grade 1 class knowing what antibiotics are already. I'm surprised they're not complaining about how to spell it let alone know what it means. Anyways I guess that highlight of the presentation will be getting the kids to rub this cool gel on their hands and then going to the washroom to wash it off and then coming back to have black light shined over their hands to show them what spots they missed. If they don't enjoy that, well I sure will. It better be one of those "ooh-aah" moments. Haven't had one of those for a while.

So about me now I guess. Well my roommate Jon finally moved out about a few weeks ago and I finally got a room to myself. I like this place. It's spacious yet cozy at the same time to me. They're elements of music, hockey, education and a view of a parkade ( coz who doesn't want to see a parkade first thing in the morning....haha) and a sweet roommate like Allan Tram.

It's been a pleasant experience establishing a life here in Edmonton. I feel connected here but at the same time, after visiting Calgary for the first time in months, I realized the connection I still have there in my heart. It was swell to catch up with all those good friends I made at home over the past few years. WCCAC is still and will always be home to me. I hope to always stay true to that.

Let's see what God has in store for me in the coming month until school is out for X'mas!


Thursday, September 01, 2005

What's 300 some km North equate to?

the answer.......a homey yet unfamiliar city of Edmonton. As I sit here and wonder what God has in store for me this year, I am filled with much anticipation. I think of it as a new era. The sadness is starting to kick in. I've begun to do my goodbyes, or should I say (cya laters) and there's some that are much harder than others. I've prayed and prepared as much as humanly possible but when the reality truly kicks in and it's not that familiar surrounding I will see day in and day out, I hope I find peace in my heart still. Calgary has been a great home and I hope 4 years later that I would re-establish my presence where I became who I am now. No doubt, I'll probably change and things will change in Calgary too. But whatever the outcome, God go before me. Shape me, mold me, use me!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


is what I thought when I found out the news today. What news you ask? The most anticipated news I could have ever receieved this summer. Yes if you have guessed it. I FINALLY heard back from UofA. Turns out the long wait was worth it. Praise God I have been accepted into pharmacy. It's been quite the day. I feel like I don't know what to do from here on. I'm so happy yet I'm already starting to feel so sad. There's a lot of ppl here I'm truly going to miss. But I need to stay positive and really open myself up to what God has prepared for me. Afterall it's through collective prayer and care that God has arranged for this to happen. Thank you all for encouraging me and being great friends. I am going to Edmonton with all your blessings.

Who knows maybe I can get some hockey excitement up North now.

Coz you know no matter where I am, there's GOT TO BE HOCKEY!!!!

Peace Out!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

I Too Know Grace..........

I guess the title explains how I've felt recently. I just haven't been able to capture my thoughts and convert them into words lately. Sigh. What does that mean? I dunno. So let me try and fix this.

Uhm.....let's see. For the first time this summer. I've tried to weigh out the positives of staying in Calgary versus potentially moving up to Edmonton for pharm. Thanks Clarissa for reminding about God's grace as well. I've been trying to discover the meaning to certain things and I tried to compare what it would be like to have the glory of knowing that I could be the smartest person accepted into pharm or I could be the last person who just sneaks in. Then I asked myself in which situation would I be able to know what grace was really all about. Enough said.

Thus, I came up with numerous reasons why being accepted or declined admission can be just as exciting and fun both ways. After all this, I just want to say "God break me, mold me, shape me. Do whatever because I already know that "His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness." -2 Pet 1:3 (a memorable verse that Selene shared with us recently)

Thanks for everyone's prayers. I'm still waiting for the final notice from UofA. But regardless, praise God for this revelation.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

A New Month Ahead...........

So first day back at work after a long weekend. Ack! I felt like I forgot how to count pills and I couldn't be anymore clumsy at work today. Sigh, I sure couldn't wait to go home today. Anyways thank goodness for a fun evening to relieve me of such craziness at work.

Bowling was great. Good times hanging out at the bowling alley with friends. Good job to Clarissa who shattered her previous personal best! Remember to aim right =) Anyways hope you and Em had fun and will come out to bowl again.

Can't wait for hockey on Thursday. Hoping to get the gym so we can go nuts for 3 straight hours. Man I totally need to save myself for that day. I feel like I'm still recovering from restless nights of sleep at summer con. Somebody want to give me a massage? I feel so bent out of shape.

Well hope this week flies by so I can get some R&R on the weekend.

A Fresh Start.....Perhaps

So I'm in one of those "I need more in my life." moods right now. I think a big part of this feeling has arised from what I heard and was a part of at Summer Conference 2005. I feel like it's time to experience God in a greater way. A friend brought up a very important point in that so many of us guys who love sports and are so into our fantasy pools could tell you the craziest details such as who scored the most game winning goals in the last NHL season or even who has the highest batting average in the major leagues right now. So I ask is all that really THAT important? Probably not. But yet it's big in our minds still. So what I'm trying to get at is. What if scripture can hold such value to me instead? Would that not be even more worthwhile in the precious Kingdom of God? Can I get an amen? Amen!

Thus I've begun my attempt at truly giving scripture more food for thought. There's so much wisdom available in the bible. And so much room for a few verses to change the lives of many. I'm filled with a fresh new excitement to live by the words of God. It's time to discover a heart that resonates with God.